AgeMatch Review – Is A Good Sugar Daddy Site?

We present our AgeMatch review

We share our AgeMatch review as we continue our regular series investigating popular sugar daddy and sugar baby websites. We will dig into all of the important aspects of the the site in order to help you decide if this is a sugar daddy site that you should pursue or if it is another fake site. Should our AgeMatch review end up being positive we may end up adding to our list of the best sugar daddy sites found here.

This site looks like a legitimate Sugar Dating site. The front page shows that it has been featured on CBS and that memberships are processed through a secure payment. The graphics are clean and would rival many of the traditional dating sites on the market. Let’s see if the review stays this positive as we dig deeper:

In-depth AgeMatch Review

The first hiccup we find on AgeMatch is in the descriptions they use of Sugar Dating. The English is choppy and it makes it seem like it was written by someone based out of another country. Any legitimate website would make sure that their website looked professional from the photos to the writing.

AgeMatch tries to gain access to your Facebook

This is a serious problem for most people. No matter how open you are about what type of relationships you like, no one wants their dating profile connected to their Facebook. This site will gain access to your personal information and possibly post to your Facebook if you miss-click while browsing.

There are several areas on the site that ask you to sign in with Facebook. This makes it very difficult to feel like all of your dating information on the site is private. The page to upload photos is the most worrying. The site tries to get you to connect and pull photos straight from your Facebook.

Even if this information isn’t broadcasted to your network, this means that people who find you on here could be able to find all of your personal information through social media. This could lead to a serious invasion of privacy, especially if you’re looking to have an affair.

In order to do anything on AgeMatch, you have to sign up for a membership

There is almost no use for a free profile. In order to search, message, or use any features on this site, you need to pay for a profile. The payment screen pops up whenever you try to open any features you do not have access to. So, if you try to search to see who is in your area, you will be asked to pay. You have no way of seeing who is on the site or when they were last active before paying.

There are three options for memberships:  one month, three months, or six months. You can pay with credit, debit, PayPal, or direct access to your bank account. The last option seems incredibly invasive. There is no reason to give access to your banking information. In very small letters it also says that each of these options auto-renews unless canceled.

There is conflicting information about cancellation

If you sign up and you decide to cancel your account, you’re going to get the run around. There are three different phone numbers on the page. Two are toll free and are routed to call centers. It’s difficult to get information from these call centers and there is almost no verification that your account has actually been cancelled.

The third number is a private line that is used for the SuccessfulMatch group of websites. This is a Canadian number and will charge your phone as an international number. SuccessfulMatch runs several niche dating sites. When you try to cancel your account, you are asked to enter your username and password. These should be used to locate what site you signed up to so you are able to cancel, but it always seems that they aren’t able to locate the information needed to cancel.

The site has mostly outdated features

The features on AgeMatch are all pretty standard. Once you have a paid membership you’re able to send messages, winks, and favorite members. One of the silliest features is the greeting card which is a small photo that you choose from a list of six that includes a message. It works exactly like a message on the site except with the cards, they choose the photo you send.

There are two interesting features on here. The first is a “Meet Me” generator. This is a lot like Tindr. It rolls through profiles and allows you to select the people that you would like to meet. This makes AgeMatch much more rapidly paced than a normal Sugar Dating site. You are not able to contact these people through this feature. In fact, you aren’t even able to view their profile.

Unless someone chooses to open the feature and selects you, there is no way to find the people. The second interesting feature is “Suggest a Date”. If you enter date ideas on your profile, you can suggest them to other members on the site. This is more fun that just sending over a generic message because it moves things in the right direction.

Communication revolves around the forums

The majority of interaction happens on a slow moving forum. These forums are set up by topic. This forum is a great way to tell who is actually using the site. There seem to be a dozen older Daddies who all talk to one another on the message board. Once every few weeks there is a response from a female and each time the regulars count her out as a spammer or scammer for various reasons. There is a lot of distrust on this site.

These forums aren’t anything special. Since most of this site runs through the forums, you would hope that they would be bustling. It seems like there are two or three posts a day spread throughout the entire forum. These posts all say a lot of the same thing. There are occasional introductions of new members but the vast majority of messages are just talking about who is spammer. It seems that most of the Daddies on the site have been scammed in some way.

The Sugar Daddies are all average guys

If you’re a Baby looking to start a relationship with an average, older man this is the place to go. Most of these men are not in a position to have a true benefactor relationship – they just want to date a younger girl. The guys on here look like someone you could find at the grocery store. Some of them are married, many have children, few are wealthy. Because of their situations, many of the men on AgeMatch are willing to go above and beyond to show that they are the right person to be with.

Many of the Sugar Babies are spambots

A good number of the Babies on the site are fakes. There seem to be three categories of girls on AgeMatch. The first category is advertising spambots. These girls will try to start a conversation with you with generic messages. After a few messages back and forth, they’ll invite you to talk offsite on a chat app.

Once they get you offsite, they’ll start sending links and information to their cam shows. Frankly, there are easier ways to find a cam girl than spending money on an actual membership.

The second category of women is full of scammers.  These women set up AgeMatch profiles to entice men. Many of them will say that they are in other countries and they need your help to come to the States to find a man. Others will gain your trust only to have an emergency which will they will not be able to afford.

The last set of scammers are classic. They have millions of dollars and they just need you to hold on to it and then transfer some back over! Of course, this is just a way to get you to wire over a few hundred dollars.

Most of the Daddy profiles in our AgeMatch review include disclaimers about scammers. That means that they all have to deal with frequent messages from scammers and from people just looking to get some additional money from them. Some of the spam bots are easy to spot because of modeling profiles and broken English while others are much more convincing.

Most of the members don’t respond

Once you found a real person on AgeMatch, it’s hard to get them to respond. It seems like they are so used to scammers and fakes reaching out to them that they don’t log in enough to deal with real responses. We reached out to several Babies and Daddies only to be ignored.

A handful of Daddies responded demanding verifications of our Baby’s identity. On Baby responded with a lukewarm answer. The people who are on this site aren’t around anymore.

AgeMatch is okay if you aren’t looking for something special

Everything about here is average. The features are outdated and don’t promote any communication between Daddies and Babies. The search feature does not include any special information. The price is about a dollar a day – nothing too extravagant. Like many other bad Sugar Dating sites, the Baby profiles are full of fakes. Any of these reasons would prevent us from including on our Top Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Dating Sites list.

The Daddy profiles all seem legitimate, but they are normal guys looking to date attractive, younger girls (and who doesn’t want that). This site doesn’t offer anything interesting or new. If you are looking for a normal guy, you may have better luck on a traditional dating site. If you’re looking for someone exceptional, you’ll need to go to a higher caliber Sugar Dating site.

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