How Much Should a Sugar Daddy Pay A Sugar Baby?

how much should a sugar daddy pay a sugar babyHow much should a Sugar Daddy pay is one of the most awkward conversations to have in a first meeting between a Sugar Baby and a potential Sugar Daddy. What is fair? What do you really need and how much is he willing to give?

These are all legitimate questions that don’t have to be intimidating or awkward. Here are a few things ever Sugar Baby should consider before having this conversation. Once you have gone through the list you can start looking for a Sugar Daddy of your own (we suggest checking out our reviews of the top Sugar Daddy dating sites here).

How Much Should a Sugar Daddy Pay And How To Prepare

Prepare yourself for the conversation. Know what you want out of a Sugaring relationship in exchange for the value that you bring. Only you know what truly fits your needs. Compensation comes in all different forms, in all different amounts. Go through your budget and get an idea of what kind of allowance you need in order to make things work, at least at the start.

If your arrangement with a Sugar Daddy grows, you can always renegotiate your allowance, especially if you have to quit your current job to meet the demands of a growing relationship.

Remember that what you need isn’t always what you want. How much do you need for rent, bills, tuition payments, etc? Evaluate what you want, such as gifts, shoes, purses, spa days, or a gym membership. Be sure to separate out your needs from your wants. Always remember that Sugaring isn’t ultimately about how many possessions you can accumulate.

Sugaring is about two real people who are entering into a real relationship with each other. Be sure to treat your Sugar Daddy with respect and integrity if you expect the relationship to grow and flourish. Be prepared to learn what it takes to be a great Sugar Baby.

If you expect your Sugar Daddy to provide you with an allowance or take care of your expenses, then be sure you are doing your best to add value to the relationship. Be the best person you can be. Enrich your Sugar Daddy’s life simply by being an all-around great person.

How Much Should a Sugar Daddy Pay at the Beginning?

As a Sugar Baby, you shouldn’t have to ask a potential Sugar Daddy for any kind of compensation. You can bring up the conversation, and it’s a good idea to do so right from the start, but allow him to take the lead. Never name your price. Remember that you are not an escort.

If any potential Sugar Daddy insists on you coming up with a dollar amount, feel free to tell him that’s his area, as he’s the one who knows his budget and what he can give. If he’s still a stickler for you to quote a price, just decline. He’s not the right Sugar Daddy for you. Sugar Daddies who solely express interest in payment for a physical relationship are not really looking for a Sugar Baby.

So how much should a Sugar Daddy pay? It really depends on the type of arrangement that you have both agreed to. Be sure at all times that you stay true to what you really need to get out of the relationship. Be kind and be willing to compromise on your expectations for compensation if you can, but never compromise on your standards or your values. Remember, Sugaring is about honesty. Prepare to be blunt and honest about what you need and what you can give.

The average allowance a Sugar Baby gets is often determined on location, and the seriousness of the arrangement. If your Sugaring agreement is more casual, where your Sugar Daddy only wants to take you out on dates a couple times a month, and you are both free to see other people, the allowance will be set accordingly. If your Sugar Daddy sees you more often, once a week or so, the allowance will probably increase.

If your Sugar Daddy offers a smaller allowance than what you need, and this is all they can afford, you will have to take into consideration whether the compensation works for your budget. If you are attracted to your Sugar Daddy and feel a genuine connection, and you feel they are giving you all they can in terms of compensation, you may decide that it’s enough.

In other cases, you may have to be upfront with the fact that the allowance isn’t enough to support your basic needs and you may not be the right Sugar Baby for them. If the compensation you are receiving meets or exceeds your needs, be sure to show your appreciation for your Sugar Daddy’s generosity. Your Sugar Daddy will want to know that he is making a difference in your life and that you truly do appreciate him.

How Much Should a Sugar Daddy Pay as the Relationship Progresses?

If your relationship grows to the point where you are asked to be a travelling campion for longer trips, or see your Sugar Daddy exclusively, the allowance can be changed accordingly. Asking to double what you were getting before the change in the relationship is not overreaching.

Your relationship may progress to the point where your Sugar Daddy decides to buy you your own apartment or condo where it is convenient for him to come and see you or pay for all of your current living expenses. Some Sugar Daddies may even ask you to move in with them. As in in relationship, be sure that you are compatible with each other and you are going to enjoy living together before doing so.

How much should a Sugar Daddy pay when the relationship becomes very serious? When the arrangement grows more serious, the allowance and assets may jump dramatically. As more and more money, possessions and property become part of the agreement, some Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies decide to sign physical contracts so that both people are taken care of in the event that the relationship should end.

Always use tact and consideration when determining or negotiating compensation. Whether at the beginning of a relationship, or as it grows, remember above all that your Sugar Daddy is a person, not a bank account or ATM. Never treat them with disrespect when it comes to receiving compensation.

No Sugar Baby likes to be treated like an escort or be used just for their physical charms, so be sure that your actions, demands, and attitude towards compensation don’t tend to fall into the same category. Being honest and realistic about your genuine needs, as well as showing gratitude for what your Sugar Daddy does give you, will make negotiating and maintaining an allowance that much easier.

Now that you are ready to talk about money you can take the next step and find a real Sugar Daddy using one of our recommended sites in our Highest Rated Sites For Sugar Babies Review.

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