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Main logo for millionaire match reviewsUseful Millionaire Match reviews are in short supply online. To continue helping our sugar daddy and sugar baby audience we have put together our own comprehensive review. This review will help you make the best decision possible on what site you frequent to ensure the best experience possible. If our exploration of the site prove to be impressive we will be adding them to our list of the very best sugar daddy and sugar baby dating sites.

Millionaire Match is a website dedicated to helping women and men find their perfect match. The website aims at wealthy women and men, seeking a sugar daddy or sugar baby type of relationship, with some being actually verified and proven to be millionaires. Let’s see how they compare!

The Best Millionaire Match Reviews Online

We found a site packed with high quality, truthful, authentic people, seeking a real relationship, usually older men dating younger women, type of relationship. MillionaireMatch (try for free here) has been featured on Forbes, CNN, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and many other magazines and websites. Because of the highly popular avenues the website has been exposed to, you are sure to find people of all ages, races, and intentions. Millionaire Match reviews from a reputable site and business makes it easy for a person to sign up with confidence.

With a positive Millionaire Match review from an extremely reputable site, here are the main benefits and highlights about MillionaireMatch:

Highly reputable

MillionaireMatch is big on verifying those users income, education, employment, and other personal information, when given the opportunity. What this does is advocate good, honest people, ensuring that you are getting exactly what you are seeking. Because of the sugar daddy and sugar baby type relationship ideologies, Millionaire Match sought to stay away from that part of the industry, thus creating such a powerful reputation that many famous and highly provocative magazines and websites even confirm.

With many millions of people backing their type of business, as you can see online by going to a Millionaire Match reviews site, especially in an extremely competitive business, like online dating, it is safe to assume that MillionaireMatch is exactly what you are looking for, in seeking a high-quality relationship. 

Membership fees

Another feature of MillionaireMatch, unlike sugar baby seeking sugar daddy sites, is that you do get a free membership; even the men! This type of membership is limited, as you can’t actually send out a message, but you can reply to any message that has been sent by a member. The Gold membership options are the paid memberships that allow you full access to the website.

Millionaire Match states that paid memberships give you a high probability of finding what it is you are looking for. This seems to be the case because with a paid membership you can send the first message to any man or woman who catches your eye, and not have any limitations as far as communication goes. Unlike other websites, MillionaireMatch has different kinds of subscriptions to choose from. Here are the choices:

  • 1 month-  $70
  • 3 months- $135
  • 6 months- $210

Payment methods include: credit card, debit card, PayPal, check, or money order by mail. The payment methods MillionaireMatch accepts is great because you get a variety of choices, and you don’t feel comfortable giving your credit card or bank information out, you have the choice to send in a money order or check.

Because of the much skepticism that is out there in an online dating environment, MillionaireMatch has accommodated those with doubt or uncertainty, allowing you to relax and have an enjoyable experience. Previous members have canceled their service with ease and were never charged again for the subscription, unlike other comparable sites.

Features of the MillionaireMatch website

The features that MillionaireMatch has to offer are like the many other dating websites that offer services to younger women dating older men, as you are able to narrow your search results down to exactly what you are looking for. You have the advanced search option where you can search for the annual income, distance, photo, height and weight ranges, and any other part of the profile that is important to you, to be sure that you find the perfect match.

With the verified members feature, if you are skeptical or need extra assurance, it gives you a peace of mind that the person who owns the profile is really who they say they are. Another few great features of Millionaire Match, with outstanding Millionaire Match reviews, include: recommended members, new members, astrological signs, what country they are in, if you have contact them before, personal information about that person, etc. Another feature that is worth mentioning is that the website allows you to remember your previous search options to be used for later.

One last thing I’d like to point out is the public comments feature, where people can post whatever they want on your wall, allowing you to see, if anything, what others have to say about this potential spouse.

Verified income available

Online dating websites, especially sugar daddy/sugar baby, older men dating younger women, younger women dating older men, type websites, give an impression that the people are not really who they say they are; they mostly are dishonest and only say what the other person wants to hear. With the verified information feature that is an exclusive benefit for those on MillionaireMatch, it gives the certainty and adds value to those who have it.

It is also wonderful for evaluating the person to see if they are a good match for you based upon their education, income, identity, or any other information of importance.  To verify all you need to do is upload your last year’s tax returns to prove your income, submit a photo ID, a business card or letter, etc. and you will get a badge on your profile allowing people to see that you have been verified.

Ease of use

Because MillionaireMatch is not like other dating websites, they are keen on not filling their website up with annoying and distracting ads, some make it impossible to navigate, therefore MillionaireMatch does not have ads on their site. This makes for a much easier and attractive website. It allows the main focus to be on searching for your perfect match on MillionaireMatch, and not having to worry about annoying pop ups or accidentally clicking on the wrong thing.

With a sleek design to the website, it is aimed at pleasing the customer’s usability as well as being able to use it or a long period of time without being bothered. MillionaireMatch main features are like most other dating sites as it has the dashboard tab, search feature, messages tab, and profile tabs, among others. Another great feature is the available online chat for any customer service questions or concerns you may have, making for an easy way to contact Millionaire Match.

Quality of people

Usually online dating websites, like sugar daddy and sugar baby websites promote a certain type of wealthy person with an agenda in mind; an overall aim, for example, according to a member, promoting a young woman to date an older man with the idea that she will be given money for a service or for her time. The common complaint according to a Millionaire Match member online for these types of sites is that the quality of people is extremely poor; this is probably due to the lack of a verification process when people sign up.

At MillionaireMatch, they are sure to verify whatever they can and make it as authentic as possible when allowing members to sign up.  Being known as the top wealthy dating website for years, it is easy to run into a great, quality person, seeking the same type of relationship as you, allowing you to quit your search for a relationship.

Promotes good

It states specifically on the MillionaireMatch website that they are “not a sugar daddy dating site”, they “are a true millionaires club.” It also says “we believe in helping successful, attractive singles to meet each other. If you are just looking for a sugar daddy or arrangement style relationship, then MillionaireMatch is not for you.” 

Because of this, they may turn away many potential customers, but would rather their website be full of quality people rather than a typical sugar daddy/sugar baby promoting website.  By promoting good, it puts off the image that they only want quality, honest people, instead of a website that is seeking some kind of reward such as money or sexual favors.

The Verdict

With a great website such as MillionaireMatch, it is easy to want to sign up with them and begin your search now (sign up for your free membership here). If you want quality, easy, reliable, and trustworthy search ability, joining this website is probably going to work out great for you. There are Millionaire Match reviews stating they met their partner on the website, and that they actually got married.

The dating world is so big, and with so many websites to choose from, it is hard to narrow the potentials down to just trust one site that features all that you are looking for. Typical sugar daddy and sugar baby websites offer one thing: money and sexual favors, for the most part. But you can be rest assured that MillionaireMatch is not older men dating younger women, or younger women dating older kind of website; it is truly authentic and full of potential spouses.

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