Miss Travel Review: Do They Beat Other Travel Date Sites?

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Ms Travel is a different type of sugar daddy and sugar baby seeking website. This site is dedicated towards helping older men seeking younger women find each other and figure out where they would like to fly to—at the sugar daddy’s expense, of course.  The reason for Ms Travel is that those men, who have a hard time finding a woman outside of the internet, can give a sugar baby incentive to be with him, like air fare, 5 star hotels, extravagant dinners, and taking them on shopping sprees.

As part of our regular series to find the best sugar daddy and sugar baby websites we have investigated Ms Travel. According to one Miss Travel review, the person refers to it as “#1 prosti-travel website”. The Ms Travel website owner states that escort services and prostitution is not allowed on his website; it is not like other sugar daddy and sugar baby websites.

The websites owner also states that money or sexual conversations are not acceptable on Ms Travel. One other Miss Travel review states that the website is full of lonely and really sad people, who are extremely hard to look at, as well as a lot of married men.

Miss Travel Review – How Do They Fare?

The reasons why Ms Travel is probably a not-so-safe avenue for sugar babies looking to get free travel, as the sugar daddy is probably seeking something in return other than company; most likely sexual favors. A great thing to wonder while thinking about the aim of the Ms Travel website is that what if the sugar baby meets up with the sugar daddy and realizes he is not what she had expected or hoped for.

She is now stuck on this vacation, with this older man dating a younger woman hopeful, and she has no way back because he is fronting the bill. It is a not-so-smart situation to put yourself in as well as being extremely dangerous. While looking for a relevant Miss Travel review, there were a few explaining how hard it was to come to terms with meeting a stranger, yet they met anyways.

Younger women dating older men usually have an idea as to why they prefer that age group, mostly because of the financial stability and support that one offers. Signing up for the Ms Travel website and agreeing with one sugar daddy to meet and travel together, or even just travel to him, the sugar baby know what she is getting herself into.

Regardless of the numerous things that may go wrong, she makes the decision to put herself at risk, while the sugar daddy is less at risk, because she is leaving all that she knows in order to meet this sugar daddy, hoping things will work out how they’d hoped and agreed. While searching online and finding many complaints, running into a Miss Travel review was not a hard task to complete. Here are the most common complaints regarding these older men dating a younger women website:

Men lying about having money

This seems to be a common complaint among the women as once the sugar daddy contacts the sugar baby; his income went from being a “millionaire” to now being stated as “won’t tell”. Once the sugar baby brings up the simple idea of meeting, like an Ms Travel review states, you meet singles stating they have a certain income, with the intent on traveling, the “sugar daddy” is now flat broke living in a broke down apartment and can barely afford to pay for the subscription to the website.

Men being scammed by a “sugar baby”

Women falsely lead the sugar daddy to believe she will be visiting him soon, so he sends her airfare money, and never hears back from her. Not only is he out of the money he sent to her, he is also out the amount of time it took to get to know her, as well as having the stipulation that all women on dating websites are scammers.

Younger women dating older men already have a bad reputation, mixing money and time and emotions into the mix makes for a horrible experience. In searching for a Miss Travel review, I found a lot of complaints about the overall scams with the “sugar baby” being in a totally different country, and the picture being fraudulent.

The dangers of meeting in a foreign place

With a website such as Ms Travel, there are so many risks involved for all. Sending money across the world to a person you trust, yet really don’t know, is a risk in itself. Meeting your sugar daddy in a foreign place is a huge risk; you are basically putting your life in his hands.

The website Ms Travel has a responsibility to uphold regarding the danger people put their lives in, but are all set with the legal responsibilities in case something did actually happen. They have a policy in place which states that they are not responsible, they do not allow sexual discussions, or money exchanges, and are big advocates on not allowing escort type of situations.

A Miss Travel review states that even though the website states that, it is obvious that it is an escort promoting website, even a prostitute promoting website, due to the nature of the business; that Miss Travel review seemed to open a question like what really is the difference between this website and a prostitution site?

There is no way of confirming a members’ information is correct

With such huge risk involved in a sugar daddy and sugar baby seeking website – which the overall conceptualization of what Ms Travel is all about – there should be a lot more confirming, verifying, and checking into each and every member. Without that extra level of security, it leaves the Ms Travel website open for people to commit scams and unauthentic transactions.

How can Ms Travel state they do not promote escorting on their website when it is not even monitored? This can be a disadvantage for younger women dating older men.

Sex is always implied in this kind of meeting

Meeting a sugar daddy in his own home state, or traveling together to some foreign place, it is inevitable what he expects in return for his gifts to the sugar baby. It is sort of an insulting thing to assume that people who read about Ms Travel, or know about their ideologies on what the website is about, actually believe there not to be any sex or money involved.

The initial intention of each party knows how this works and probably don’t have a problem with it, if they have been doing it for a while. A new member may not expect it, and think it to be innocent, but will most likely learn quickly that is not the case.

One Miss Travel review states that sex will almost always be involved in this type of transaction, so it is easy to assume the website does in fact promote prostitution and escort services, under the table.

The website is poorly constructed

With a boring design and layout, the website is highly in need of a makeover. There are actually advertisements featuring a sugar daddy explaining where he would like to go and which sugar baby would like to join him; she then would sort of apply for the trip with him.

It will state who is going to pay for the trip and even the type of trip, which includes an option of “romantic”. While this may not be too much a badly constructed element of the Ms Travel website, the simple fact that older men dating younger women actually have a kind of application to go on a week-long trip is a little poorly thought out on Ms Travel’s side.

The overall idea of traveling to meet a stranger is questionable

Whoever thought it be a good idea to come up with a business plan forming two strangers together is hard to believe, let alone I wonder the legality of it. A Miss Travel review on meeting a stranger via a travel older men dating younger women website says it perfectly: “you can’t just trust anybody, look at the statistics, and look at the facts.”

Any website catering to older men dating younger women is not usually a bad idea in general. Online dating can be harmless but making sure that all things are looked into, talked about, and confirmed before meeting a person, especially on a website like Ms Travel.

One Miss Travel review refers to the website’s target audience of sugar babies: beautiful, seeking luxury, and wanting to live the high life. She also spoke about how it gives men the idea that the women on the website only want gifts and everything except a relationship; this is what led her to not actually registering for the website, although the thought of a free trip appealed to her.

Online dating websites with the idea of being a sugar daddy and sugar baby comes with pre-conceived notions by the people registering.  Are they will to engage in sexual relationships? Is the sugar daddy ready to provide a lot of expensive gifts and luxuries to this sugar baby? In any case, the benefits must outweigh the risks in all transactions, and Ms Travel needs to take responsibility in the fact that this comes along with the territory of their website.

The Verdict

Unfortunately we will not be adding Miss Travel to our list of the best sugar daddy and sugar baby websites. It looks fairly decent but just doesn’t measure up.

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