Sugar Daddy Finder Review: Is This Site A Scam?

Is Sugar Daddy finder a top site or a scam?In our Sugar Daddy Finder review we are taking a look at one of the few online websites that are targeted toward sugar babies. It promises over four MILLION members and offers free tips on finding the best sugar daddy. There are blogs and tips throughout the site to help you find the right sugar daddy.

Using the same criteria we have used to put together our list of the absolute best sugar daddy and sugar baby sites we dive in deep. The front page alone has a dozen hot Sugar Daddies that they say are in your area waiting to meet you. How can you go wrong with that?

The Complete Sugar Daddy Finder Review

Below are our biggest findings from our in-depth review. In the end,  Sugar Daddy Finder makes a lot of promises up front but fails to live up to them.

The landing page is sketchy

The first thing we noticed on Sugar Daddy Finder was the listing of “Newest Profiles”. This was almost entirely men, which is always surprising on sugar daddy dating websites. Taking a closer look at the profiles, some of the main photos are literally stock photos. Some dating profiles use fake photos of super attractive people to entice new members. This site uses stock photos of men in suits at work and on ships sailing for the afternoon. Of the fifteen profiles on the landing page only two looked like real people. The rest were all modeling shots.

The next eye catcher in our Sugar Daddy Finder review is the sidebar. It includes a listing of blog posts on the left side of the screen. The first set is reviews of sugar baby dating sites. The next set are general dating tips. Before even looking at the content, there is a huge red flag in the titles.

The titles of the blogs are spelled wrong. If a site doesn’t care enough to run the titles of their blogs through spell checker, they must not care about their members. Once you click on a blog, you’ll see that they are actually only two or three line blurbs about the topic and then more stock photos of people in your area.

The last weird thing about the landing page is how many times this site repeats the registration page. There are three places where you can start putting together a profile. If you click past the landing page, there will be at least two places to start a profile on every page. 

They will try to get your credit card information even for a free profile

In huge letters, the page says that you are signing up for a free membership! But you have to enter your personal information in order to take advantage of it. This means that to start your free profile, you have to enter a credit card number. There’s no explanation for this. The disclaimer specifically says that your profile is free for life.

What this site doesn’t want you to see is the small checkbox on the side of the page. The checkbox says that you are signing up for a two day trial of a gold membership. This membership costs $49.95 per month until cancelled. Underneath that information is another notice that says you are also signing up for Mobile Access and a Featured Profile for $14.95 per month. That means that if you enter your information there is a very good chance your card is going to be hit for $65 per month until you find a way to cancel.

The payment screen directs to a different website

Legitimate sugar baby dating websites that require payment accept the information for themselves. Sugar Daddy Finder routes payment information through an adult content site. Our antivirus program actually alerted us when the site rerouted, but yours may not.

We have also spent time scouring the web for the best sites so we’re familiar with a lot of setups. This site uses the exact same payment screen as .  Both have the secret check boxes that alert you that you’re actually signing up for a paid membership. Both sites have the same cam loop of a busty girl in a corset in the top corner. The only difference is that this company hits you up for even more money per month.

There is one way to avoid payment. In the top right hand corner there is a small text that says “remind me later” that allows you to click out of the payment screen.

You will be contacted by fake profiles

Once you bypass the payment screen on Sugar Daddy Finder, you’ll be able to set up your profile. These profiles are very difficult to work through. Before your profile is even completed, the IMs will start to roll in. The first IM we received was before we had our Sugar Baby put in a picture. The message was standard information about being in her area and how beautiful she looked. But she didn’t have a picture up. This message was clearly a fake.

As we scrolled through the website, these IMs continued to pop up. At one point, the coding for the messages seemed to glitch as it repeated the same two messages three times in a row. These messages came in, one every ten minutes. After a while, you will even get video chat requests linked to cam loops.

If you try to respond to these fake messages, you’ll find out that you can’t respond unless you have a “full” profile. In order to have a completed profile you need to enter that credit card information. The way the site is run is incredibly tricky and seems to focus on getting payment information and not legitimate sugar baby dating.

If there are any real profiles on Sugar Daddy Finder, we couldn’t find them

Every profile feels like a fake. The majority of the Daddy profiles use stock photos. There is no effort to even make the Daddy profiles seem legitimate. The Baby profiles use photos from adult content and modelling websites. There is no way that these people are in our area. Even if this was Los Angeles, it would be highly unlikely that all these people are looking for a benefactor relationship here at the same time.

We couldn’t find any real seeming profiles. All of the profiles used professional photos and they all had premium memberships, paying over $70 a month to interact with other members. There was not a single profile that was legitimate in all of our searching.

Ads everywhere

The profiles are all sketchy and not only does Sugar Daddy Finder ask for credit card information for membership, the site is also covered in advertising. There are ads everywhere for other websites. These are for some of the lower tier sugar baby dating profiles. Most of these sites also require a paid membership that is difficult to get out of. 

There are also some stranger ads on here. While we were browsing, we also found ads for hair growth cream. The landing page includes ads for dating eBooks. If Sugar Daddy Finder worked, why would a Baby need an eBook to find a man? Every inch of the site is used to make a profit for the site without any real interest in finding a relationship for you.

You will not be able to cancel your profile

If you accidentally fell for the “free profile” trick (because you didn’t read this review first) you will need to find a way to cancel. There is no option in the account section. On the payment plan page there is a small text on the bottom of the page that redirects to an outside website to cancel your profile.

The new site gives you three options to try to cancel your account: live online chat, live phone chat, and cancellation on the site itself. The easiest option seems to be using the form on the site. The only way to cancel through the site is to enter your credit card information again, on this completely new website. There is no way to cancel through the website without entering your private information.

The phone chat is like any typical outsourced call center – they also need your credit card information in order to cancel. This makes it very easy for Sugar Daddy Finder to say that they never received your cancellation so they’re able to charge you even longer. The live online chat leads nowhere. We sat in a live chat for over an hour and never once had the rep say anything to indicate that our account was cancelled. 

The site will IP ban you

If you start to go to the cancellation website, they will IP ban you. This means that you’re no longer able to access any portion of the website from the computer you normally use. Once this happens, you will be stuck contacting your credit card company to try to reverse the charges from Sugar Daddy Finder and block any more from coming in. You can avoid this whole problem by never signing up for the site.

Sugar Daddy Finder Review Verdict  – Stay Away!

You are not going to find this site on our list of the best sugar baby websites out there. There are no real people here. You won’t find a real Baby or Daddy. The only thing you’ll find on this Sugar Dating site is stock images and pictures pulled from cam sites. Sugar Daddy Finder sounds great because it advertises itself as a free service for successful people.

The problem is that they will do anything to get your credit card information and they will continue to bill you without giving you options to cancel the membership. Save yourself the headache (and the hit to your wallet) and join a more reputable site for Sugar Dating.

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