Sugar Daddy Scene Review – Is Legit?

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Today we share our Sugar Daddy Scene review that takes a hard look at As always, we will look at all aspects of the site to determine if Sugar Daddy Scene is a legitimate sugar daddy and sugar baby site worth pursuing or should be avoided.

If at the end of our Sugar Daddy Scene review we decide that it is a great site we will add it to our list of the Best Sugar Baby And Sugar Daddy dating sites.

Sugar Daddy Scene Review – Should You Try

Below is our Sugar Daddy Scene review. Using our established criteria that we use in all of our dating site reviews we will call out the positive and negative features of

The Sugar Daddy Scene graphics are a joke

This is 2015. Sugar dating has changed from the 90’s. The outdated photo of a 90 year old man with his gnarled hand around a young woman on the front page of Sugar Daddy Scene is no longer what people are looking for.

Daddies can be well off, younger, and more fit than the picture this is painting. That image looks like a joke about sugar daddies, which is the first red flag. Plus, everything else on Sugar Daddy Scene looks like a 90’s template for a website. It’s not mobile friendly and definitely not easy to get through.

They also get really tricky with their ads. Their banners aren’t off to the side like a lot of sites. SugarDaddyScene has pushed their banners inward to make it seem like the ads on the side are people who are on the site.

In reality, each of the photos, even though they just seem like normal people, will direct to different dating sites. If you click on anything outside of the center screen on Sugar Daddy Scene, you’re going to end up at a pay site. If SugarDaddyScene was any good, would they need to partner with other sites advertising dating? Probably not.

There are ads to cam sites everywhere on

On every banner and sidebar of Sugar Daddy Scene, there is some unattractive, half-naked woman begging you to check out her cam. You’re going to waste your money and time checking out these sites. There is also a tab on the top of that quickly redirects to cam sites.

If this was a legit dating website, you would be able to meet a baby and go on a date. You wouldn’t need to throw your money into a cam site. If you’re going to go to Sugar Daddy Scene, don’t click anything outside of the center screen. Otherwise you might find yourself giving your credit card to an offsite company without realizing it.

Sugar Daddy Scene tries to trick you into giving credit card info

When you first set up your profile with SugarDaddyScene, a giant popup comes up. It tells you about all of membership options. Premium membership on Sugar Daddy Scene costs from $25 a month, for one month, down to $18 per month for 6 months. The membership also auto-renews, so unless you can find a way to cancel, you’re going to get stuck in a billing cycle.

The weird thing is that you can just X out of the box and still have a membership with SugarDaddyScene. The standard membership does not have a lot of features. In order to interact with other members via messaging, you have to have a premium membership. You can only send a limited number of flirts without it. 

You can browse Sugar Daddy Scenewithout it, so you can still find out if there is someone who catches your eye before you give up your credit card. It is a serious red flag that SugarDaddyScene tries to get you to pay for a membership without mentioning that there is a free membership option.

If you’re willing to risk it, you’ll have to sign up and begin the profile process.

The profile information is 100% sex based

There’s nothing wrong with making sure you’re compatible with a baby in a sexual way. SugarDaddyScene’s profiles go way over the top. There is nothing about who you are, what you like to do, or where you like to go but there are a lot of questions about your feelings on anal on Sugar Daddy Scene.

The profile also takes seven pages to fill out completely. Seven pages of questions on what kind of sex you like and what kind of sex you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a straight hook up, SugarDaddyScene could be a decent place to find one (if you can find a member online). But if you’re looking to make a connection with a daddy or a baby, you’re going to have some real trouble.

It seems like the profile is just a way to find out what kind of cams SugarDaddyScene will  advertise to you on the side banners. Once you enter what you like, the cams on the side will generate whatever type of sex you said you prefer on the profile. This is great, if you want to pay for a cam show, but not good if you want to make a connection with a real person.

People realize it’s sketchy and there are almost no members on Sugar Daddy Scene

The profiles on Sugar Daddy Scene are as old fashioned as the graphics. There is a very small pool of Daddies. Most are well over 60. Many are married. If this is what you prefer, then you may have found the right place. There is also a significant portion of the site that is not in English.

Many of the Daddies on Sugar Daddy Scene speak Spanish exclusively. These profiles don’t seem to be run by daddies with a lot of money – a lot of them mention that they just want to have some NSA fun.

There are even fewer sugar babies active on Sugar Daddy The few that are on the site seem fake. Their profiles are really short with only a handful of pictures. Some even use modelling photos that can be found quickly online.

Many of the baby profiles also list their cam site in their Sugar Daddy Scene profile. This, again, shows how much of the site is dedicated to moving their members over to cam sites and not just helping to find dates.

The search function is seriously limited

With most dating sites, you’re able to put in information about the type of person you’re looking for. On Sugar Daddy Scene, the only thing you can adjust is age range and distance. There’s no way to limit by activity, by body type, by the type of relationship that the person is looking for.

This is a huge red flag because you just had to fill out a seven page profile. What is Sugar Daddy Scene using the information for it’s not to search? If this was a different site, the information could be used to find you the perfect person (even if there aren’t many members).

Since they asked so many invasive questions, it only makes sense that you would be able to find people based on your preferences. Instead, all you get is age. This is a good metric but definitely not the only thing most people think about when looking to start a sugar relationship.

If you aren’t premium, you can’t send a message

So, if you decide to give a try, you need to pay in order to contact a member. You will get a message or two where you can only read the subject line. This might entice you to sign up to see what they said. Chances are, it won’t be worth the $23 to read. If you want any chance of talking to one of the few members, then you’ll have to cough up the money.

If you are premium, the features are outdated

So you give in and let them get some money from you. You finally get all of the features that Sugar Daddy Scene advertises! Only the features are seriously outdated. The messaging system is set up like mini emails.

You can send messages to other members and see if they have been received or opened. This is a great way to find out if their profile on Sugar Daddy Scene is still active. If they don’t read a message in a few days, there’s no chance they’re still hanging around the website.

The other big feature is flirts. Flirts are the only option that non-premium members have to interact. These are a few dozen preset options on Sugar Daddy Scene that allow you to send over flirty messages to any sugar daddy or baby that catches your eye. These can be a good tool to get someone to notice you, but again, without premium it is impossible to take it to the next level.

The only other interesting thing that Sugar Daddy Scene offers is rapid match. It’s almost exactly like Tinder (except you have no way of contacting the person unless you’re premium). They bring up random photos of people who are in your area. You can pass or like, depending on how you feel.

The only thing you have to judge on is the person’s picture, age, and location. If you are not a premium member, you’re allotted 10 rapid matches per day. Sugar Daddy Scene really pushes this feature but it doesn’t seem to offer much more than a standard search would. 

The Final Answer – Skip SugarDaddyScene

Run, don’t walk, away from You will not be find this site on our list of the best sugar daddy and sugar baby sites. Nothing about this site is legit. Every click is a chance to get your credit card information.

Many of the tabs and banners direct you to different cam sites and if you decide to maneuver through the pay-per-click landmines, you aren’t going to find active members. Sugar Daddy Scene seems to be a thinly veiled advertisement for cam sites.

SugarDaddyScene is not worth the money. There are dozens of sites out there that have more users, less spam, and cost less money. If you’re a Sugar Daddy, save your cash for your baby. They’ll appreciate spending a nice long night over dinner.

If you’re a baby, go find a site with active members who will appreciate what you’re offering. only lets them decide by age and you’re much more than that. The site is outdated, underused, and not worth the effort to sign up.

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