Tempted.com Review – Is This Site Legitimate?

Tempted.com review - headerThis week we present our Tempted.com review where we share what we found while attempting to use Tempted.com. If Tempted.com proves to be an excellent site it will be added to our Top Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Dating sites list. Otherwise it will join the dozens of other sites that provide little value and should be avoided.

We have reviewed many sites and have become very good at separating the best sugar daddy and sugar baby sites from the rest. Below is our review of Tempted.com using the established criteria we have used for all of our reviews.

Modern Intrigue’s Tempted.com Review

Tempted.com is a middle of the road sugar dating site. It makes a lot of promises about functionality and the quality of people that you’ll meet. The problem is that Tempted.com can’t really keep up with the promises that it makes. There simply aren’t enough good people to make joining worth your while. Overall, the negatives and positives seem to equal themselves out, so if you want to give Tempted.com a try, you might get lucky.

Tempted.com looks really good

Tempted.com is one of the best looking dating sites. The graphics are clean and it’s one of the few sites you’ll find that’s mobile friendly. This means that if you’re looking for an affair, you’re less likely to have it show up in your computer history. The site will work on your computer, tablet, or laptop. Tempted.com lays everything out for you right on the front page.

It promises that you can meet beautiful people in your area. There are a few tabs about billing and support, which is always a good sign. A lot of sugar dating sites hide the information you need to cancel an account. Tempted.com lets you know up front that they are working toward better customer service than a lot of other options out there.

Tempted.com is a cool idea

Other sugar dating sites don’t give you a real idea of the other person’s expectations. When you set up a profile on Tempted.com, if you’re a daddy, you note how much per month you can spend, what kind of girl you want, and how you’re willing to tempt her.

This means you can say you’ll buy a girl dinners or clothes for her time. She’ll know right away what you can give her and if that’s going to satisfy her needs. Tempted.com also lets you figure out what exactly you’re looking for in a relationship and lets you lay options out on the line when you find a girl you want to date.

As a sugar baby, you enter what kind of temptations will work the best on you – travel, money, career advancement. Daddies and babies also get to say what type of relationship they’re looking for. This lets both people know up front what they expect out of the relationship.

Tempted.com really focuses on pushing boundaries so that both people get a little something that they want. Instead of awkwardly talking about if you’re on the same page, you get the information before you even send a message.

Tempted.com is (mostly) free

The features on the site can be accessed for free. There is no limit on searching, messaging, winking, or adding people to your favorite’s list. Unlike a lot of other sites, Tempted.com does not push premium membership. It doesn’t have secret, hidden fees. We were never asked for a credit card number during the process.

There are also no advertisements anywhere on the site. Everything that is shown will keep you on Tempted.com. You don’t have to worry about your information being taken by clicking off the site without realizing it. Tempted.com only sells itself and its members.

Tempted.com does offer a premium membership

This allows you to come up higher in search rankings and gain a bit more information from profiles than a free membership. Also, for Daddies, this shows that you’re serious about pampering your baby. If you’re willing to throw a few dollars each month at a membership at Tempted.com, a baby will know that you have some extra cash to throw around.

This also allows you to get phone numbers from other members if they allow it. This means you could quickly bring your relationship to the next level without having to deal with the back and forth of online dating. You’re on Tempted.com to meet someone and go on a date, so go!

There’s no reason to keep flirting online when you already know that they meet your criteria. This feature makes it easy to secure a date with a person who you hit it off with on Tempted.com.

The features are run of the mill

Aside from the great premise, Tempted.com doesn’t offer anything original. You can send winks to members to let them know you’re interested without sending a message. The messaging system also comes with some prewritten text.

This is bad for Daddies because you don’t know if the girl who is messaging you is legitimately interested or just using pretexts to reach out to everyone in their area. This may seem like a good feature for Babies, but in the end, it will make you seem like you’re a bot.

You can also favorite and friend people. This allows you to keep track of the people that you think are interesting. It’s a nice feature to have but it definitely isn’t anything new. Most people now will send a message to the people they like so favorite lists aren’t really necessary. Who is on a sugar dating website to make friends?

The search option on Tempted.com allows you to find members based on a few criteria. You can look for age, location, or body type. It also gives you the option to look at marital status or if the profile has a photo or not.

The search feature lets you get more specific than other sites without giving too many options. Once you start searching for what you like, you might find you have to lower your standards a little bit because there are not enough members to go around.

There aren’t many members on Tempted.com

Because Tempted.com is free, people have no incentive to delete their profiles when they aren’t using it. It looks like there are a lot of people from all over the US… but only a handful are still active. If you browse the “now online” section a few days, you’ll see that it’s the same people over and over again.

It seems like some of the profiles of the hottest Daddies and Babies on Tempted.com never actually log out.
We reached out to some of these profiles and had real trouble getting in touch with a real person. There were almost no responses to our 23 year old sugar baby profile. A few winks were put up in the first few hours but it didn’t seem to be a lot of attention from the Daddies. Which makes sense because it seems like there aren’t many legitimate Baby profiles on Tempted.com.

It seems like there are a lot of scammers on the site

Our sugar daddy received a scam message that lead to a bot. This started out with a prewritten message that asked to be tempted. Since the girl was beautiful, and the daddy was willing, a tempt option for financial assistance (her preferred tempt) was sent over. A long message came back that asked to visit her cam site.

Looking through other profiles on Tempted.com it seems like a lot of people get scammed; most of the sugar daddy profiles ask that a baby verifies their identity before even beginning a conversation. Many of them request a personalized picture of your face or a phone call before they are willing to talk.

While there are no ads for cam sites, it seems like there are fake profiles all over Tempted.com that make it difficult to tell who is real and who is just a bot.

The notification feature proves there are few members

Tempted.com offers a notification feature that shows you whenever someone looks at your profile. This means that you are able to see who might have been interested and how they interacted with your profile. On a normal site, you’ll get a few people who come to look and even fewer that actually start a conversation.

We get it. Not everyone is to your standards and that makes sense. You’re looking for a real relationship here, you shouldn’t take just anyone.

But when everyone who goes to your profile on Tempted.com tries to contact you, something is weird. Almost everyone who visited our profiles sent a preselected message. Now, we’re pretty great, but not good enough to pull everyone who shows up. This means that a lot of the people who are actually interacting with the site are bots.

Tempted.com is a great idea with little payout

The premise is really cool. You tell a person what you want and what you’re willing to do for it. This makes it easy to find out if you and the person you’re dating are going to be on the same page. It gets rid of any awkward expectations that you both might have about the date.

There just aren’t enough people on Tempted.com to make it worthwhile. If there were more local sugar babies to tempt or sugar daddies who were looking to show a girl a good time, it would be a different story.

Since there is no one to interact with on Tempted.com, it’s difficult to find a person who is in your area, likes what you do, and meets your other dating specifications. You are much better off trying one of the highly reviewed and recommended sites on our Top Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Sites Review list. Try Tempted.com if you’re feeling lucky, otherwise try a site with a larger dating pool.

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