WhatsYourPrice Review – Is This Site Legitimate?

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In our WhatsYourPrice review we take a look at a sugar daddy dating website that is very different from the other sites we have seen. This site features different process that involves actually bidding on dates. An interesting concept but does it actually work?

Different doesn’t always mean good. We will will go into this in depth later as we decide if WhatsYourPice deserves to be on our list of the absolute Best Sugar DaddyWebsites.

WhatsYourPrice Review – Is Different Good?

This WhatsYourPrice review covers several reasons why you should avoid using the dating site to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby. There are plenty of reputable sugar daddy dating websites out there. WhatsYourPrice is not one of them.

False Sense Of Romance

First, WhatsYourPrice creates a false sense of romance for older men dating younger women and younger women dating older men. The website encourages users to date based on money rather than attraction or feelings. With this type of environment, it is hard to build lasting relationships.

In today’s age, even a sugar baby or sugar daddy is looking for a serious commitment. Unfortunately, it is hard to find one on WhatsYourPrice since the site is solely focused on money.

Bidding Process

The bidding process is what makes WhatsYourPrice so infamous. You get started by creating and filling out a profile. Once your picture is verified, you can begin using the membership functions. You can browse through member profiles. As a sugar daddy, if you find a sugar baby that catches your eye, you must bid an amount you are willing to pay for the date.

The sugar baby can also set a minimum bid she is willing to accept to go on a date. Members have the ability to reject or accept the bid and even counter the bid with a new one. Once the bidding price has been accepted, members are free to set up a time and place for the date.

This bidding process takes the fun out of dating. It diminishes everything down to dollar amounts and ignores the feelings aspect. Other sugar daddy websites simply have a place where you list your allowance amount. That is much more acceptable than a complete bidding price which demeans women.

Digitalized Prostitution

Many claim that WhatsYourPrice is simply digitalized prostitution. The first reason a WhatsYourPrice review would make that claim is because of the bidding process. In prostitution, people also pay up front to receive services. The fact that WhatsYourPrice encourages sugar daddies to pay up front for dates makes the website seem like digitalized prostitution. In a better sugar daddy to sugar baby relationship, the sugar daddy would give the sugar baby an allowance every now and then and not a set amount for each date.

The second reason a WhatsYourPrice review would make the claim that the website is nothing more than digitalized prostitution is because there are plenty of female escorts on the website. Female escorts create profiles on WhatsYourPrice and use the site to promote their services.

This is against the type of relationship that sugar babies and sugar daddies should have. Female escorts are turning WhatsYourPrice into a different type of platform than a sugar daddy site. As long as female escorts are using WhatsYourPrice, the site will become more and more of an escort site and less and less of a sugar daddy site.

Date No Shows

One WhatsYourPrice review mentioned that a lot of sugar babies are no shows at dates. Older men dating younger women go through all the trouble of chatting with sugar babies online and setting up dates only to be stood up. The prevalence of no shows is common with WhatsYourPrice.

Sugar babies have also had the same experience. Younger women dating older men tried to set up dates to meet sugar daddies only to find no one at the venue. This is a waste of people’s time and money.

One WhatsYourPrice review did an experiment on the dating website and found that in three out of three cases, no girl showed up to the date. All communication stopped after the date was supposed to happen.

The girls never apologized, gave an excuse, or offered to set up another date. That means that WhatsYourPrice made money off of someone’s membership and the person never received the benefits of meeting a sugar baby.

Fake Women Profiles

If you think about it, the reason that WhatsYourPrice review mentioned date no shows is probably because those women never existed. Usually when people communicate with you online but refuse to meet in person, it is because the profile is fake. Dating websites use fake profiles to make the website seem more popular and to get more men to pay for full memberships.

In the same WhatsYourPrice review, the person complained to the administrators. The administrators responded that they would “investigate” the situation and get back to him. In this WhatsYourPrice review, the man never received a response after that.

This is probably because the administrators know that there are fake profiles on the website but had no solution for it. These fake women profiles are a real deal breaker for older men dating younger women who want to find someone online.

False Millionaires

This WhatsYourPrice review has a deal breaker for younger women dating older men who want to find someone online as well. The dating website does not verify the income of sugar daddies in any way. Because of this, there are many false millionaires on the website.

Sugar daddies boast being very wealthy and well off. Unfortunately, with no way to verify the income, men tend to lie about how much they make in order to attract more sugar babies.

This becomes a problem during the bidding process. A sugar daddy may place a high bid to go on a date with an attractive woman. The sugar daddy would then ask the sugar baby to send pictures and do other special things in order win his affection.

This is all a trick because the sugar daddy never plans on paying because he is a false millionaire. Unfortunately, sugar babies do not tend to figure this out until later on after they have spent a lot of time talking and investing emotions.

Expensive To Communicate

WhatsYourPrice makes money by charging sugar daddies a ridiculous price to communicate with sugar babies after bidding for a date. The whole bidding and communication process seems like a huge moneymaking scheme that results in very little success. You have to use credits to communicate with sugar babies. Here is the pricing structure:

  • 100 credits costs $50
  • 450 credits costs $150
  • 1000 credits costs $250

The cost of tokens adds up pretty quickly as you try to sift through all the fake profiles and find a real date. This pricing structure is different from most other sugar daddy dating sites. Most of the other ones simply offer paid memberships in which you can send unlimited messages.

That is a better way to go as it offers more value for your money. The pricing structure of WhatsYourPrice is one that benefits the dating website but leaves you spending an endless amount of money to do a very basic function.

No Long-Term Success

Generally, not much people have long-term success with WhatsYourPrice. With all of the fake profiles, sugar daddies end up wasting a lot of time going to dates only to be stood up. With all of the false millionaires, sugar babies end up investing emotions in someone only to be disappointed when they do not get any money.

In the very rare instances where someone does find a real sugar baby or sugar daddy through the site, the arrangement probably will not last long.

For all the reasons listed above, we do not recommend WhatsYourPrice as a sugar daddy dating website. There are plenty of other reputable websites to choose from. Stay away from WhatsYourPrice if you do not want to end up wasting your time and money. The website offers a false sense of romance and is basically digitalized prostitution.

The bidding process is demeaning towards women and takes the emotions out of building a sugar daddy to sugar baby arrangement. There are a lot of fake women profiles and false millionaires on the site that will waste your time and cause you to use more effort than needed to find a real person.

The Verdict

If you made it this far into the review you won’t be surprised when we say that this is another site that won’t be ending up on our list of the greatest sugar daddy websites. There are a lot of sugar daddy websites out there so there is no reason to settle for a site that isn’t near the top.

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